Welcome to the home of the largest and longest running Lake Placid Long Course Tri Camp. The philosophy is simple, train hard and share your enthusiasm and passion for the sport in an informative, challenging and fun weekend with all levels of triathletes from professional to first timer. We welcome you to join us as we get you ready for the race of your life!

June 21 – 23, 2013

The LP Triathlon Camp is a grass-roots long training weekend at the site of Ironman® Lake Placid. Although there are no formal classes you will live and breath the Ironman® course all weekend along side veterans and newbies of Ironman® Lake Placid. No matter what your level you will go away with knowledge and confidence after training on the actual race course throughout the camp. You might go away with a slight hangover also.


The 6th Annual Prep Camp will be held on May 17 – 19, 2013 at the Cobble Mountain Lodge in Lake Placid, NY.

The prep camp is geared for the beginner and intermediate long distance triathletes. Smaller groups and paced rides along with guides. Planned workouts and support for the weekend. Nutrition, Swim, Bike, Run, Transition classes and much more. As always great schwag bags and lots of fun...a great setup for the main Camp in June.

Friday: PM Registration. Ride the run course (optional)
Saturday:7:30am LONG BIKE TWO LOOPS
Sunday:8:30am SWIM 11:30am LONG RUN 16-22 MILES
Monday: Optional hungover triathlon
(Actually, all of it is optional - you can do as much or as little of the workouts as you like).

This is a very informal camp. We gather there to learn and help each other out, doing as much or as little of the workouts as you want. LEAVE YOUR EGOS AT HOME!

Bring everything you can fit with you. Wheels, tires, sleeveless and full wetsuits, nutrition, hydration, the running shoes and outfits you want to race in... The race is only four weeks after the June camp, and one of the main reasons for the camp is to figure out all this. DO NOT TRY NEW PRODUCTS OR GEAR FOR THE FIRST TIME ON RACE DAY!!!

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